Tom is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Bristol, supervised by Simon McIntosh-Smith, focussing on applications of High Performance Computing, in particular using accelerated many-core devices.

Tom is co-author of the widely used training course Hands On OpenCL: a two-day lecture course on OpenCL. The course material includes presentation slides and example programs, released under the Creative Commons License.

In 2012, Tom graduated valedictorian from the University of Bristol with first class honours with a MSci in Mathematics and Computer Science, winning the prize for Best graduating student in Computer Science and Mathematics sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.


Deakin, T., McIntosh-Smith, S., & Gaudin, W. (2015). Expressing Parallelism on Many-Core for Deterministic Discrete Ordinates Transport. Paper presented at International Workshop on Representative Applications (WRAp) at IEEE Cluster, Chicago, United States.

Deakin, T. & McIntosh-Smith, S. (2015). GPU-STREAM: Benchmarking the achievable memory bandwidth of Graphics Processing Units. Poster to be presented at Supercomputing 2015, Austin, Texas, United States. Source code available on GitHub.

Deakin, T., McIntosh-Smith, S., & Gaudin, W. (2016). Many-core Acceleration of a Discrete Ordinates Transport Mini-app at Extreme Scale. Paper to appear at International Supercomputing Conference, Frankfurt, Germany.